Founded in 1995 under the name “Drucker-Oase” (printer oasis). Our first location was Goethestr. 2 in the theater passage of Leipzig, from where we moved to the Ritterstraße 8-10 in 2002 where you can still find us today.

Since 2003 we are an official partner of OKI, since 2011 service partner of OKI and since 2015 service partner of brother.

In 2010 we opened a second store in the Könneritzerstraße 46. In 2016 3D-printers started to make a great addition to our business and got expended in 2018 when we included the distribution of 3D-printers from MakerBot.

Since January 1st 2019 our name has changed to Bürosysteme Sachsen, marking the beginning of the year we became a partner of Xerox ASP, DTP and office furnishing from Febrü.

In March the same year we opened a third location, our showroom in the Kreuzstraße 15.